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San Francisco Bay Area 3Com NBX Technical Support

TeleDynamic has been a 3Com NBX Dealer since 1999 and we installed the first 3Com NBX system in Northern California that year, and hundreds more since. TeleDynamic was certified on the NBX product in 1999. We still support many 3Com systems in the field even today. 

3com pbx support bay area

Bay Area 3Com End of Life Transition Support

3Com was purchased by HP in April 2010. HP bought 3Com for its manufacturing and patents. HP was not interested in maintaining 3Com’s PBX product line and has declared those products “end of life”.

TeleDynamic offers support plans for your 3Com NBX system to help you through 3Com's end of life transition. 

3Com PBX Product End of Life Dates


  • NBX 100: Discontinued April 2005, mfr. support ended July 2012

  • NBX V300X/V5000: Discontinued July 2010, manufacturer support ended July 2012

Bay Area 3Com NBX PBX Technical Support Plans

TeleDynamic offers two types of support for your NBX system. 

1. Telecare Priority One

TeleCare Priority One gives you a premium level of 3Com NBX technical support:

  • Priority Response Times (within 2 hours or your money back)

  • Equipment Repair & Replacement

  • Emergency Service

  • Unlimited Help Desk

  • 35% Discount on Labor

  • Toll Fraud Audit Voucher ($400 discount)

  • Data Back Up

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2. Telecare Guardian One

Telecare Guardian One gives you a basic level of 3Com NBX PBX technical support:

  • Priority Response Times (within 4 hours or your money back)

  • Equipment Repair & Replacement

  • Help Desk Access - One hour per quarter

  • 20% Discount on Labor

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