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Posted by Randy Kremlacek on Dec 18, 2012 10:06:00 AM

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Digium Switchvox Reviews Comments

At TeleDynamic, we get a lot of questions about different small business PBX servers and the companies that make and support them.

Many people want to know what real users and reviewers are actually saying about these products - not just the standard corporate marketing gobbledygook

So far, we reviewed Avaya IP Office 500ShoreTel 13, the Cisco UC320W and the Cisco 500 Series, and the Mitel 5000

Today we look at the Digium Switchvox.

Disclaimer: Despite our position as the leading Digium Switchvox Dealer in the Bay Area, we wish to maintain our commitment to providing unbiased, informative content about VoIP PBX Servers for SMBs. To this end, the information below is without fear or favor. 

Digium Switchvox Description

The Switchvox SMB 355 is ideal for medium to large businesses that want a high performance, highly redundant, full featured rackmount PBX. The Switchvox SMB 355 supports 1 to 400 users and up to 75 concurrent calls. The subscription options available include silver, gold, and platinum. The SMB has RAID Controller in mirrored drives, redundant power supplies, and optional cold spare failover. Read More...

Digium Switchvox Reviews

From Talking Pointz

Digium’s Switchvox is an impressive package that simplifies the UC experience for both administrators and users. Underneath the hood, Switchvox is powered by Asterisk. This means core call processing is both an independent and a robust offering (though tightly integrated). As a result, the vast majority of the R&D for Switchvox relates to its interface – and it shows! Read More...


From Fulcrum Group

Remember, you don’t have to have a large organization to enjoy the many benefits Switchvox offers.  Here are a few good reasons why Switchvox might be a great fit for your small-medium size business. Read More...

From Real-World Information Systems Management

The Digium Switchvox VoIP solution truly eclipses the Cisco CallManager in technology features, price and ease of installation for roll-outs of 400 or fewer phones (current limitation but Digium is rolling out a 1,000 phone unit soon). Read More...


From VoIP Insider

Switchvox offers the usual suspects such as caller id, call waiting, shared line appearance, 3 way conference, and HD Voice (G.722 codec) along with management functions like Auto Attendant, Call recording, and web-based management. Just like Elastix and 3CX, Switchvox easily supports integration with third party applications and APIs. Read More...


From Spiceworks

It was a long process, but we ended up with Switchvox. The software and management are great. It's like night and day from our old Toshiba. Support has been good. Read More...

From E-Week

Digium comes to the table with a deep understanding of how people use telephones, as the owner of the Asterisk open-source telephony project. The company's pride is its Switchvox software, a toolset that combines power with ease of use - never an easy task - and adds good reporting facilities and the ability to integrate with third-party applications. Read More...


From VoIP Insider

Enter Switchvox and 3CX, two powerful services for VoIP that both offer comprehensive and yet distinct solutions for your business’ phone problems. In this series, we’ll take a look at what each of these services has to offer you – as well as their strengths and even weaknesses – and bring you up to date in the world of VoIP voice solutions. Read More...

From MSP-PR.com

The Switchvox AA355 provided our client with a well-rounded communication strategy utilizing many of the features found in most Voice Over IP telephony systems.  Call reporting and recording were critical needs to ensure customer service levels remained high.  The Switchvox system, when combined with Telrex reporting, met our client’s requirements. Read More...


From Web Conferencing Blog

From Gartner’s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications - Digium develops and maintains the Switchvox UC product, which is geared for the small or midsize business (SMB) market. Switchvox is built using the open-source Asterisk telephony software. It enhances the Asterisk base by adding telephony and administration functions, a user client, and UC capabilities. Read More...

How Much Does Digium Switchvox Cost?

Digium Switchvox server + software comes in several different flavors and sizes to fit your business need. 




AA6O SOHO  $1,645 + subscriptions Includes 10 Feature Packs. Supports 20 phones and at least 10 concurrent calls. No fax, video, chat or IMAP support. No switchboard. 
AA65  $3,140 + subscriptions Includes 10 Feature Packs. Supports 30 phones and at least 12 concurrent calls. 
AA305  $4,040 + subscriptions Includes 10 Feature Packs. Supports 150 phones and at least 45 concurrent calls. 
AA355  $5,950 + subscriptions Includes 10 Feature Packs. Supports 400 phones and at least 75 concurrent calls. 

The pricing above does not include Digium phones or installation costs. Contact TeleDynamic for a full, detailed quote.

From the Forums

From K12Converge.com

I have give the switchvox pbx solution to most of my customers , and all are satisfied with switchvox perfromance {sic} and features. Read More...

From Bugtraq

Multiple persistent input validation vulnerabilities are detected in the Switchvox Appliance with Asterisk v5.1.2. The bugs allow remote attackers to implement/inject malicious script code on the application side. The vulnerabilities are located in setup and tools modules of the admin panel. Successful exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to session hijacking (manager/admin) or stable context manipulation. Exploitation requires low user interaction & low or medium privileged user web application account. Read More...

From Spiceworks

We have a brand new Switchvox implementation (v 5.5.5) with mostly Digium phones, a few Polycom conference phones, a T-1 PRI card, and an 8 port FXS analog card...the issue we keep coming across is the modems pick up the DTMF tone for the queue extension, not the incoming DID. Read More...

From Hardforum.com

I stay away from Shortel, expensive and not very easy to program, in fact they make no sense to me lol. Trixbox is ok but every now and then funky things happen, not other way to explain it, just strange crap randomly happens lol. 3cx I now run at home and I have had zero problems with it, I use it with Voip.ms trunk and quality has been great. I have not used any advanced features but its pretty good so far. Have a client with Digium, their support is HORRID I advise you stay away. Read More...

From Forums.Asterisk.org

Our SwitchVox was not responsive this morning and I was unable to recieve a reply to a network ping. The LCD display was also not responsive. I power cycled the machine, and the LCD was stuck on starting . . . When I connected a monitor to the machine the error message basically said run FSCK. Read More...

From Polycom Community

I work for a company that a few months ago purchased a Digium Switchvox server and large number of Polycom 335 and IP6000 phones. Originally the Sr. Network Engineer had seperate vlans for user workstations and a vlan for voice. The IP6000 originally profiled and worked fine. Well we discovered polycom does not support split vlans. Read More...

From Digium Knowledge Base

Is it possible to configure a remote SIP extension to be on a different timezone than the Switchvox server? Read More...


We hope that this information was helpful. If you find additional reviews or forum posts that you think would add to the conversation, please put them in the Comments.

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