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Posted by Randy Kremlacek on Dec 11, 2012 6:36:00 PM

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Mitel 5000 Reviews Comments from TeleDynamic

At TeleDynamic, we get a lot of questions about different small business PBX servers and the companies that make and support them.

Many people want to know what real users and reviewers are actually saying about these products - not just the standard corporate marketing gobbledygook

To help you out, we've combed through the web to uncover reviews, forum comments and other (hopefully) objective content to help in your research for the best IP PBX server for SMBs.

So far, we reviewed Avaya IP Office 500ShoreTel 13, the Cisco UC320W and the Cisco 500 Series. Today, we take a look at the Mitel 5000.

Mitel 5000 Description

I know we just said we weren't going to encourage corporate-speak, but I thought that the Mitel 5000 product page gave a pretty good overview. Here's an excerpt:

Built for small business, the Mitel® 5000 Communications Platform (CP) blends their voice system into their data network, lowering communications costs. The 5000 CP solution allows businesses to network geographically-dispersed employees and locations, whether they are connecting offices and applications together over a data network, or deploying digital and IP phones to on-site employees.

The 5000 CP is built on a scalable software and hardware platform that efficiently combines the best of both data networking and TDM switching architectures. The 5000 CP supports digital telephones natively, in addition to out-of-the-box IP networking. 

The 5000 CP is expandable to support up to 250 users, multiple sites and delivers a complete suite of business applications out of the box - Unified Messaging , Hot Desking, Meet-Me Conferencing, ACD , enhanced mobility with Dynamic Extension Express, and Teleworking.

The Mitel 5000 CP supports a range of advanced Unified Communications applications via the Mitel Applications Suite (MAS), the Mitel Unified Communicator® Express (UCX) and Mitel Unified Communicator Advanced (UCA)

Reviews of Mitel 5000 

From Spiceworks

We have an old Inter-Tel(now Mitel) Axxess and two of the 5000s. I really like these systems. Among the best I have installed. Read More...

From Denwa Communications

Mitel 5000 versus Avaya IP Office - I could write a long list of features however both products would have a big tick against each one. These two products are on par with each other in terms of system and user features. The Avaya versus Mitel comes down to just a few simple factors. Allow me to cast my opinion... Read More...

From Spiceworks

These guys really love their phone systems. Very $$$$$$$$ expensive. Read More...

From Spiceworks

I just wanted to get everyone's input if they are familiar with the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform. We have just purchased the system and are planning on installing the platform, Unified communications desktop and mobile app, the Mitel 5530 and 5340. Read More...

From MVD Communications

The Mitel 5000 Communications Platform simplifies communications, enhances customer service, and increases employee productivity and collaboration while reducing overall telephony costs. Read More...

From Denwa Communications Blog

This article is a quick review of the Mitel’s out of the box voice mail functionality. Most of the customers we sell the Mitel 5000 to are surprised how good it is versus a lot of its competitors like Avaya IP500, Samsung OfficeServ and NEC SV8100. Read More...

From Denwa Communications Blog

We sell Avaya IP500 (IP Office) and Samsung phone systems but when Mitel 5000 is within budget we would definitely advise you take the 5000 over anything else. Read More...

From Mitel User Group Blog

The single most important factor in our decision to stick with Mitel over the years is simple. With Mitel, you can be sure that call quality is king. Read More...

From Leading Communications Design Inc.

The Mitel® HX 5000 Communications Platform (CP) enables your business to be flexible. You can blend your voice system into your data network, creating a cost-effective and efficient communications environment. Flexibility and features is what the Mitel® HX 5000 v5.1 brings to the table, and at a cost savings never seen before. Read More...

How Much Does the Mitel 5000 Cost?

Tracking down costs on the Mitel 5000 system is tricky for a couple reasons. First, Mitel sells their equipment through dealers. Dealers don't typically publish prices. Second, depending on the eventual size and capability of the business communications system you build, your costs can vary widely. Having said that, we did uncover this pricing spreadsheet from PEPPM that gives detailed pricing information on Mitel systems. You should be able to use it to price out your own project. 

From the Forums

From Spiceworks

Need to choose between: Avaya IPO 500, Mitel 5000 CP or Samsung OS7200. We have a failing Nortel BCM 400 and we need to replace it with something that is a hybrid because we're not in a position to do full VOIP at present. This is an unexpected project that needs to be addressed immediately, and budget is an issue as well , especially at this time of year. I have 3 quotes from different local vendors and these were the systems presented. Read More...

From Spiceworks

I am in the process of installing a Mitel 5000 Communications platform. I was told by the installer that there is not a way to shut down the system remotely, that it has to be done by the box itself. Is anyone here familiar here with this system? Read More...

From LinkedIn Mitel Group

We have a Mitel 5000 HX with Controller and Processor. We just installed 6 months ago and have receive the "A201 - Voice mail Channel Failure". Anyone know how fix this? Read More...

From Tek-Tips

We have a Mitel 5000 with system release 5.0.65. One of the users with an IP Phone is complaining of dropped calls after 10 minutes. The user is making outbound calls and is being dropped after 10 minutes. When he is dropped the call goes away and he hears dial tone on his handset. Read More...

From Sundance Communications

I tried to configure 2 different SIP trunks from 2 different carriers. Both work outbound, but inbound calls are rejected with a 403 forbidden. One line is from a Mitel certified SIP carrier. Any ideas? Read More...

From Mitel Forums

We have a problem on our Mitel 5000, which affects all handsets. This problem is most noticeable on the reception telephone as they are constantly switching between callers and putting them on/off hold. The problem is this: A call is picked up as normal (and showing on call key 1). If the attendant then puts the call on hold (using the red 'hold' key) then immediately presses the key labelled 'Call Key 1' it can take two or three presses to get the call off hold and speak to the caller. This is because there appears to be a delay. This delay is not consistent. Read More...

From Mitel Forums

Wow, that is the exact opposite reaction myself and the rest of my office has had. For every feature that the 5000, we find it harder to implement what are basic ideas on the 3300. I think the last three weeks I've had to come up with more workarounds for basic telephony concepts on the 5000 then I ever have on the 3300. Read More...

From Mitel Forums

I am planning for a Mitel 5000 installation for a firm of about 50 staff. The company we are buying from has offered little help on the networking side so I need to plan, implement and test this myself. Read More...

From Mitel Forums

Mitel 5000 Analog Trunk Hold Issue - We have recently installed a couple of these switches using analog trunking. They are set up similar to a Key system with the trunks appearing on keys where the customer can answer and transfer the calls utilizing the particular key on the 8568 Digital telephone. Read More...

We hope that this information was helpful. If you find additional review or forum posts that you think would add to the conversation, please put them in the Comments section below!

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