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Posted by Randy Kremlacek on Aug 7, 2012 4:47:00 PM

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Digium Nerds Unite!

Teledynamic has been working with Digium and their flagship PBX server - Switchvox for years now.

And as Digium continues to expand and improve their products, it's become difficult to keep up with and communicate everything that is going on.

To rectify the situation, we've created a technical user's group on Linked In - The Bay Area Digium Switchvox Users Group. Otherwise known as the BADSUG. 

What's Up With the Funny Name?digium switchvox technical users group linkedin

We tried to think of a short but catchy name for the group, but there was just too much to get across:

  • It's for folks who "Dig Digium"
  • It focuses on their awesome PBX - Switchvox
  • It's for technical nerds in the Bay Area
  • It's the go-to place for answers when you have technical questions about Digium Switchvox
So we went with the ugliest acronym we could find - BADSUG

What You Get When You Join

By joining BADSUG for free you get:

  • Switchvox Tips & Tricks
  • Digium Whitepapers
  • Digium Technical Manuals
  • Digium Presentations
  • Digium Videos
  • Discussions
  • Links to Other Digium Resources
  • Announcements
  • A Little Controversy
  • Much, Much More

Join BADSUG Now and Get More Out of Your Digium Switchvox Investment!

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