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Randy Kremlacek

Company:   TeleDynamic Communications, Inc.             Randy_Bio_Small_head_shotNewPNG

Present Position:  President/Head Chef

Age: 59

Industry History:

  • May 1987: Joined TeleDynamic as a salesperson, new to the industry

  • August 1987: Promoted to Sales Manager

  • November 1987: Promoted to General Manager

  • May 1988: 10% Ownership

  • June 1993: 50% Ownership, became President

  • September 1997: 100% Ownership

Years in Telecommunications: 28


  • Computer Telephony Magazine

  • Channel Partners Magazine

  • Bay Area Business Times

Blog Articles: 200+ TeleDynamic blog posts

Business Advisory Council Positions:

  • Served three years on 3Com Reseller Council

  • Serving four years on Digium Switchvox Partner Advisory Council

Company Accomplishments:

  • Longest-established Nortel reseller in California 1985-2009

  • 2011-Current:  Digium Switchvox Top Ten U.S. Reseller

Guest Blog Articles:

  • Digium guest blogger

  • Inside Asterisk

  • Wavelink

  • Robinson & Associates

  • New Roads Telecom

  • The Digest

  • My VOIP Provider

My Current Thoughts on the Telecommunications Industry

I have been involved in business communications systems and service for nearly three decades.  I started my career in the middle of the deregulation of our industry. I’ve had hands-on experience with the technologies, starting with electromechanical, then analog, and evolving into a fully digital world. In the late 90’s, we were one of the first companies who embraced VoIP, even if it was crude and proprietary. 

In all those years, I’ve never seen the metamorphosis that is taking place in telecommunications today. There are two main areas that are fundamentally turning the business communications business upside-down:

#1. The industry was finally forced to accept standards in technology, thanks to the success of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Freed from the high costs and slow development time of proprietary technology, true breakthroughs are now happening at a rapid pace.  The convergence of data, voice, and mobile networks are the result. It has translated into lower costs and improving business communications.

#2.  The Internet has advanced rapidly in the last few years, allowing for widespread quality VoiP.  This has enabled a growing adoption of SIP trunking and the Virtual PBX.  No longer do customers have to rely on the telephone company for their monthly service, nor do they need to spend large sums to buy expensive telecommunications hardware. 

A new business model has arrived and like most disruptive technologies, it has upset the applecart. The old telecom companies who stubbornly cling to their proprietary technologies will largely disappear and will be replaced by these new VoIP-based organizations. While telecom technology has evolved over the decades that I’ve been involved, it’s now undergoing a drastic and fundamental change.  Only the fleet of foot and those who understand how to start over and reinvent themselves will survive.

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    Randy Kremlacek
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