Business Phones in the San Francisco Bay Area

TeleDynamic Communications has a long and accomplished heritage that we are only too happy to share. When the 1984 Telecommunications Act was passed, TeleDynamic had already been in the communications business for five years.

Our company was founded as a sole proprietorship. In 1984, TeleDynamic incorporated and hired its first employees. In 1985, I joined the organization as a salesperson and was a young student of a fledgling industry. As a serial entrepreneur, I swiftly moved into management where I learned quickly, and many times, the hard way. As my controller has said several times, “You could write a book!”, and someday I may.

In 1987, we were approached by an upstart Canadian telecom manufacturer. Northern Telecom signed TeleDynamic as its first dealer in California and we were a Nortel reseller until they bit the dust. Over the next few years, Nortel grew to become a dominant player in the industry. TeleDynamic has installed thousands of Norstar and BCM telephone systems and was the largest established dealer in Northern California.

In 1989, the Loma Prieta Earthquake devastated the Bay Area. Not only did TeleDynamic survive, but we helped our fellow businesses get back on their feet again. We were happy to contribute our business communications services to the Bay Area in a time of great need.

The Bay Area's First Telecom Website

TeleDynamic published the first telecommunications website in the Bay Area. Check out on the Wayback Machine:  http://tinyurl.com/lsutud3

TeleDynamic - First Website - Bay Area Telecom

Bay Area's First Business VoIP PBX Provider

In 1998, the VoIP PBX was born with both Cisco and 3Com both introducing products that year. TeleDynamic was early to recognize this game-changing technology and became a 3Com NBX dealer the next year. Incidentally, our first 3Com telephone system customer is still using that same PBX. Our breadth and depth of virtual PBX and VoIP PBX experience is unmatched in Northern California.

TeleDynamic’s Evolving Business Phone Service Menu

Much like our changing patterns of eating over the past few decades have challenged chefs, Randy Kremlacek, the TeleDynamic Head Chef, continually develops his menu of business phone solutions.  Twenty-five years ago, everybody ate steak and bought expensive PBXess every five years.  Today, the TeleDynamic menu has more choices to satisfy every budget and every taste.  All our solutions are healthy and meet open standards, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and an extended lifespan for your investment.

Today’s Bay Area Business Phone Solutions

Today, our product line is based on the telecom industry standard of SIP (session initiated protocol). We provide Switchvox Premise PBX, Virtual PBXSIP Trunking, and Internet Connectivity. We still have hundreds of traditional PBX customers, but the future is clear that voice has evolved into the IP data network. We aren’t just keeping up; we’re leading the charge!

Bay Area Digium Switchvox Premise PBX Provider

We believe that the Digium Switchvox is the superior business phone system for companies looking for premise-based phone systems. The system is based on the open source standards of SIP, not expensive proprietary technology.  TeleDynamic is one of the top ten Switchvox resellers in the U.S.

Virtual vs Premise PBX - TeleDynamic

Bay Area Virtual PBX Provider

We have been involved in the Virtual PBX space since their inception in the late nineties.  We have taken our 15 years of experience to hone our virtual phone system offering.  Add our superior local service capabilities, and we have the perfect Bay Area business VoIP solution.

Phone System Support Plans

In 1994, TeleDynamic created our TeleCare Support Plan, providing a wide range of customer support options.  We welcome new service customers.

Our Future History

TeleDynamic’s purpose is to continually refine our menu of products and services to provide the best value available in a rapidly changing market. We may be over three decades old, but we wake up every morning with vigor, knowing we are serving our customers with the best solution available.  In five years, things will have changed, and we’ll be there with the right solutions.





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