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TeleDynamic Communications is a responsive, local business communications VoIP provider that offers on-premise PBX and Virtual PBX as a service at a competitive price.

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“Their expertise, project management, and view on long term relationships is what sets them apart.  I will continue to refer them to my customers with no hesitation.”

- Anna D.                                                                               San Francisco, CA

Business Communication Solutions

We offer complete solutions

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 Save 40% on Your Phone Bill 

With SIP Trunking - you buy only the lines you need

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Local Service and Support

Quality local service and support

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The Bay Area’s Leading Business Phone Service Provider

We offer turnkey premise and Virtual PBX solutions, delivered locally

Premise-based PBXes provide greater functionality, but the Virtual PBX provides great flexibility.

Here are the main decision points:

  • If you want to own it a long time, consider the premise PBX. It will likely be less expensive in the long run.
  • If you have a dynamic business, you should strongly consider the Virtual PBX in the cloud. It will not cost as much upfront and you can easily upsize or downside.
  • If you want special services or customization, tilt towards the premise solution.
  • If you want basic services — calls in, calls out — use Virtual PBX.

Our job is to help you make the right choice for your business.  WE MAKE HOUSECALLS. That’s right, we’ll come to your office, meet face to face and work out the perfect solution.  We’ll then deliver and implement for you in person.  Give us a call, at 510.785.2480.  We'll be happy to evaluate your business and make expert recommendations.

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We can save you over 40% on your current phone bill with SIP trunking

When it comes to monthly services, companies can have one or more carriers; further, each provider may send multiple bills. How does this happen? Because new services are added over time, people are sold on products from different providers, and old services don’t get canceled. With services scattered throughout a myriad of bills, it’s beyond the scope of someone untrained in the art of bill analysis to unravel to confusion. So, many organizations just go numb and end up paying for something they are not entirely sure that they want, need, or even know they have. 

Solution: The traditional approach is for a telecom cost consultant to go through the stack of telecom bills and make recommendations of how to consolidate bills and carriers, and suggest to disconnect unused services.  However, this approach is out of date. Cleaning up old phone bills just means that you have a consolidated "old phone bill." The underlying services are obsolete, thus cleaning up a traditional phone bill is similar to painting the deck chairs on the Titanic. Rather, the goal should be to eliminate the old legacy telephone bill by replacing those services the  modern technology of SIP trunking. The end result is not just savings and simplicity; it’s the way of today.

We can review your phone bills and then provide an estimated savings by switching to SIP trunking. Call us at 510.785.2480 to find out how much you could save each month.

Local sales, service and on-site visits

Teledynamic is unique because we offer local support to our customers. Lack of support is the number one complaint that customers have about national business communication providers. 

If you have an issue with your phone service, we will send anengineer to your location. While remote support is wonderful, there are times where a visit to your premise is necessary.   We’ve been providing local support for over 30 years to the San Francisco Bay Area business community. 

In addition to local service, we  specialize in building resilient and redundant voice and data networks to ensure that your business communications are available, no matter what happens.

We  Create  Resilient Voice & Data Networks

We believe that today’s businesses require 100% uptime, especially now that voice and data both travel on data circuits.  There are many elements that go into designing a cost-effective strategy for a robust and resilient solution.  We are experts at developing cost-effective solutions that protect your business while not costing an arm and a leg. 

We offer business-class communication solutions with responsive local support To learn more, call us today at 510.785.2480.